5022.10 - Web Applications: ASP.NET with C#

Course number
Web Applications: ASP.NET with C#
The objective of this course is to learn about web-development with ASP.NET/C# to develop interactive and database-driven web-sites.
Developing ASP.NET 4 web sites with Visual Web Developer 2010 – the free Express edition. Create HTML and ASP.NET web sites. Designing ASP.NET web sites and CSS, the language that is used to format web pages. Optimize code by using ASP.NET server controls. Programming ASP.NET web sites with the C# language. Organize ASP.NET web sites with master pages. Navigation, user controls and validating user input. Smoother user interaction using ASP.NET AJAX. Visual effects and animations with jQuery. The SQL query language and the SQL Server database. Displaying and updating data with ASP.NET data controls. Accessing objects, databases, XML etc. with LINQ and the ADO.NET Entity Framework. Data control stiles and data caching. Security in ASP.NET 4 web sites. Personalizing web sites with content targeting individual users by using ASP.NET Profile. Exception handling, debugging, and tracing ASP.NET web pages with tools in Visual Web Developer.
Learning and teaching approaches
Independent work with a project and exercises from the textbook, which will be guided by short lectures and supervision by lecturers from NVD and from the IT-industry.
Assessment method
4 hour written examination. No reference material will be permitted. The existing grade scale will be used.
Hannes Gislason