5011.13 - Java for C++ Programmers, DT062G

Course number
Java for C++ Programmers, DT062G
Introduction to computer science (7.5 ECTS), Introductory Programming in C++ (7.5 ECTS), Object based programming in C++ (7.5 ECTS), Object oriented programming in C++ (7.5 ECTS).
The course describes differences – theoretical and practical – between C++ and Java and aims at a smooth transformation to Java for C++ programmers.
Theoretical and practical differences between Java and C++. - The Java development- and runtime-environment. - Tools for implementing Java-programmed systems. - IO-administration, exceptions and serialization. - Design of user interfaces with graphics and the Java-GUI. - Applets, threads and client-server programming.
Learning and teaching approaches
Remote education from Mid Sweden University: Java för C++ programmerare, DT062G
Learning outcomes
After the course you should be able to: - know the differences between C++ and Java especially in syntax, inheritance and memory allocation, - be able to develop and use applets, - be able to use multiple threads, - be able to use the graphics in Java, - be able to use components, the layout manager and the event manager in the Java-GUI, - be able to develop Java-systems that communicate over the internet, and - be able to use the IO-package in Java to work with files and for serialization of objects.
Assessment method
Approved exercises (3 ECTS) and an examination (4.5 ECTS), which will be graded and count for the final grade for this course
Sweedish textbook: Jan Skansholm, Java direkt med Swing, Studentlitteratur, latest edition. https://www.studentlitteratur.se/#6796-07 Optional English textbook: Harvey M. Deitel and Paul J. Deitel, Java How to Program, Prentice Hall, Edition 8 or later (International Edition)
Hannes Gislason