5021.14 - Statistics for Computer Scientists

Course number
Statistics for Computer Scientists
High school mathematics, B level
To provide the students with knowledge of fundamental statistics, probability theory and methods for collecting and analysing statistical information related to computer systems and to give an introduction to the use of the statistical software language R.
Probability and random variables. Discrete distributions, among them binomial and poisson distribution. Continuous distributions, among them normal and exponential distribution. Computer simulations and Monte Carlo methods. Stochastic processes and queuing systems. Statistical description and graphs. Random sampling and sampling distributions. Point and interval estimation. Statistical models and hypothesis testing. Correlation, regression, t-test and chi-square test, power of tests, large and small samples. Design of experiments, handling and analyzing data for testing and evaluating computer systems. Fundamentals of the R software language. Dataframes and statistical modelling in R.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, problem solving, exercises, and consulting.
Learning outcomes
As a result of this course, the student will be able to - demonstrate basic knowledge regarding probability, stochastic variables and distributions. - assess which statistical methods can be useful for an actual dataset. - apply R for getting hold of a dataset: reading, cleansing and organising it for statistical analysis. - execute computer simulations to estimate uncertainties and random phenomenon - put up R commands for execution of statistical analysis of computer systems - interpret tables and graphs from R and present some relevant conclusions.
Assessment method
The assessment is based on the following elements with given %-weights: - 3 mandatory assignments (to be approved) - One mandatory minor project ( 40% ) - Final written examination ( 60% )
Marking scale
- Probability and Statistics for Computer Scientists, Michael Baron, 2ed, 2013, CRC Press. - R Cookbook, Paul Tector, 2011, O’REILLY.
Petur F. Zachariassen