5032.14 - Application Development for the Android Platform

Course number
Application Development for the Android Platform
30 ECTS in Software Engineering including 22.5 ECTS in Object oriented languages like C++ and/or Java.
Android is a new and open platform for mobile phones based on Linux and with Google as the main developer. The course gives you theoretical knowledge about the platform and the components of the operating system in Android, as well as practical skills to develop and implement applications for Android.
- the architecture of the Android platform (Linux kernel, Libraries, Android runtime, Application framework, Applications), - the Android Software Development Kit, - developer tools for Android, - lifecycle for Android applications, - common building blocks (Activities, Views, Intents, Intent Receivers, Services, Content Providers), - security and user rights in Android, - design and implementation of graphical user interfaces based on XML, - 2D-graphics and development of GUI-components, - use of sound and video in applications, - data storage (Preferences, Files, Databases), - data communications over networks, - API´s for location based services.
Learning and teaching approaches
Remote education from Mid Sweden University.
Learning outcomes
After the course you should be able to: - explain how the main components of the operating system in Android work and explain the lifecycle of Android applications, - use an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing Android applications with graphical user interfaces, - store data locally on the mobile phone with use of preferences, files and databases, - use different techniques to communicate with applications in other mobile phones, - use sound and video in applications.
Assessment method
Approved (passed/not passed) exercises (4.5 ECTS = I106 0.5 ECTS + L106 4.0 ECTS) and a project (3 ECTS, P106), which will be graded and count for the final grade for this course. Note: those that have not delivered the written assignment I106 within 3 weeks from the start of the course, may risk losing their place on the course.
Marking scale
Grant Allen, Beginning Android 4, APRESS, 1, 9781430239840, http://www.apress.com/9781430239840 Note: the digital edition of the textbook may be purchased directly from the publisher.
Hannes Gislason