5027.16 - Forensic Information Technology

Course number
Forensic Information Technology
High-school diploma with at least B-level in mathematics.
As a user gain knowledge about security threats and challenges in the Windows-platform. Knowledge about how hackers work to gain acces to corporate systems and data is necessary in order to keep safe IT-environments. As a student, you will gain a good insight into how hackers attack windows-platforms, and into the tools and techniques they use.
Accecible information on the net about most companies and how hackers exploit this information. Mapping corporate information, applications and operating systems, and security weaknesses. Automatic defences, manual control and actions to be taken against security treats. Security logs and disk storage. Passwords, software and techniques for disclosing passwords. Common techniques for hacking information systems and for sniffing information from computer networks. Metasploits-software for penetration testing. Security issues in WLAN, identification and mapping, sniffing, WLAN-passwords security, WEP, WPA and WPA2.
Learning and teaching approaches
Remote education from Mid Sweden University: DT143G IT-forensik / DT143G Forensic Information Technology
Learning outcomes
After the course you should be able to: - explain how hackers work, - explain common defences against attacks, - explain the most usual tools, that hackers use, - use the most common security tools for defences, - analyse data- and physical security threats, - explain security tests, - test common hacker tools in a safe environment.
Assessment method
Approved I102 (passed/not passed), and the following graded exercises (4.5 ECTS = L102: 1.5 ECTS, L202: 1.5 ECTS, L301: 1.5 ECTS) and a graded project (3 ECTS, P101). Note: those that have not delivered the written assignment I102 within 3 weeks from the start of the course, may risk losing their place on the course.
Grant Allen, Beginning Android, APRESS, 5, 9781430246862, http://www.apress.com/9781430246862 Note: the digital edition of the textbook may be purchased directly from the publisher.
Hannes Gislason