5033.15 - Linear Algebra for Software Engineers

Course number
Linear Algebra for Software Engineers
Upper secondary school with mathematics at B-level
The purpose with the course is to give the students basic knowledge and skills in linear algebra for use in connection with information and communication technology as well as a foundation for further studies.
Systems of linear equations and linear maps. Matrixalgebra. Vektor spaces. Eigenvalue problems. Symmetric and orthogonal matrices. Geometry in 2 and 3 dimensions. Usage of LaTeX. Usage of Maple.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, individual work and exercises sessions.
Learning outcomes
At the end of the course, the student should be able to: • Use matrix calculus and Gauss elimination to solve systems of linear equations. • Analyze and explain the set of solutions in a vector space using the structure theorem. • Use vectors and matrices to describe 3D geometry - as part of this for applications such as computer graphics. • Solve 2D og 3D problems in Euclidian geometry, such as set of intersection points distance between mathematical objects such as planes and lines. • Be able to use mathematical terminology and reasoning in written form. • Organize cooperation in a project group about mathematical subjects and methods in a small project. • Use symbolic software-tool, at the time Maple, to solve and to illustrate mathematical problems. • Use LaTeX to write technical reports - be able to use macros, wirte mathematical formulae, make table of contents, use BibTeX generate reference list, to create internal and external hyperlinks using hyperref. Be able to use faroese charecters in LaTeX.
Assessment method
Mandatory assignments, that have to be approved before examination. Grade is based on: 1) Individual assignments, 2) Tests, 3) Solution of a project in groups. Reexamination is a 4 hour written exam with all auxiliary material allowed except for elektronical devices.
Gunnar Restorff