5035.19 - Introduction to FPGA-Oriented Digital Design

Course number
Introduction to FPGA-Oriented Digital Design
Skills in programming, Boolean algebra, and an understanding of digital systems and computer architecture is recommended.
To introduce design of digital electronics and the required tools for building these circuits on FPGAs. Participants are provided the necessary skills to design, simulate and implement simple digital circuits for FPGAs.
The transistor as a logic switch. Implementation of basic digital components: combinatorial circuits (transistors, gates, look-up tables), registers (flip-flops), finite state machines and data path. The VHDL hardware description language. FPGA technology. Design flow (specification, stepwise refinement, simulation, synthesis, implementation and test).
Learning and teaching approaches
3-week course, with emphasis on lectures and labs in the first half, and a group project in the second half.
Learning outcomes
A participant who has met the objectives of the course will be able to: • Map a logical expression to a digital circuit implemented using logic gates such as AND, OR, XOR, NOT, NAND and NOR. • Explain the operation and implementation of fundamental digital components and other typical combinatorial circuit building blocks (adders, multiplexors, decoders, etc.). • Transform a description of combinatorial logic, finite state machine and data path into a specification using Boolean algebra, truth tables, state-graphs, etc., and implement it using VHDL. • Demonstrate basic knowledge about simulation and synthesis tools for digital circuits, including the ability to simulate and synthesize a circuit implemented in VHDL.
Assessment method
• The participants must attend the course with no more than 3 days of absence per participant in the 3 week period. • Participants must present their project at an oral demonstration as well as hand in a project report.
Marking scale
Slides and possible other reading materials provided during the course. Recommended reading will be parts of this textbook: William J. Dally, R. Curtis Harting & Tor Aamodt, Digital Design Using VHDL 1st edition, Cambridge University Press, 2015 ISBN: 978-1-107-09886-2
Hannes Gislason