2808.18 - Introduction to Political Science

Course number
Introduction to Political Science
The students must have a secondary education or equivalent qualifications.
The purpose of the course is to give the students innsight into the themes and theories, which are most commonly used in the field of political science.
Theories of the state, power, political parties and systems, as well as ideologies, which are used in a politico-scientific depiction of the political institutions and parties of the last century, and how these have changed in accordance with circumstance. In this context it will also be described how political culture and interest groups affect the political development. The topics will also, when possible, be described with examples from Faroese politics.
Learning and teaching approaches
The lessons span over 35 hours and will be given as lectures, groupwork, and student presentations.
Learning outcomes
The students must be able to: • Explain theories of the state, power, political parties, political systems, and ideologies. • Critically assess the explanatory power of these theories. • Use the concepts and theories, they have learned, to provide an independent description and analysis of political and admnistrative topics.
Assessment method
Written exam (5 hours). Students are allowed to bring with them anything on the reading list as well as their personal notes. To qualify for the exam, the students have to complete a midway exam (3 hours).
Marking scale
Aproximately 1.000 pages.
Súsanna Olsen