2018.11 - Basic Course in Historical method

Course number
Basic Course in Historical method
To equip the students basic knowledge of historical method. The students shall • learn to work with history both theoretically and practically • learn historical method and practice • learn to evaluate historical research • learn to discriminate between historical sources The course is also open for others than students with a general interest in history.
By examples from historical research, sources and other material, the students will be given an understanding of applied historical methods. The instruction will be based on textbooks on historical methods illustrating different approaches. Exercises will be thoroughly examined on the basis of source-critical methods and specific source-critical questions.
Learning and teaching approaches
The course comprises 30 hours. The instruction consists of lectures, discussion and exercises. Source exercises will be gone through, three of the exercises will be handed the students for homework answer. The course is divided into two sections. One theoretical and one devoted to exercising.
Assessment method
The examination is a 5 day piece of written paper at the end of the course (deadline Friday May 13, 2011). The student will be given a set of sources with questions to be answered.
Hans Andrias Sølvará