2020.11 - Nordic and Faroese History in the Viking Age and the Middle Ages.

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Nordic and Faroese History in the Viking Age and the Middle Ages.
The course aims to provide the students with basic knowledge of pre-modern Faroese history and an understanding of the progress of history, to familarize them with important research on the subject, and to train students’ basic abilities to estimate the quality of a selection of works of history and historical sources. The students will be trained to • be able to see connections between phenomena in pre-modern Faroese history and historical conditions in neighbouring countries • be able to estimate a selection of works/viewpoints on the period in question • be able to carry out a critical reading of various historical sources on a specific topic in the period • be able to present and treat unaided a specific topic in the period. The course is also designed for people with a general interest in Nordic, especially Faroese pre-modern history.
Students will aquire basic knowledge of the oldest period of Faroese history, as seen in a wider Nordic context, and knowledge of literature on the period in question.
Learning and teaching approaches
The course comprises about 30 hours, organized as lectures, class presentations,
Assessment method
Oral examination with 30 minutes time for preparation. During preparation students will be allowed access to literature used during the course and other material. The examination question will relate to a specific subject from the syllabus, but students will also be expected to apply to a wider context in the syllabus. The examination is external and assessment will be made by the current marking scale.
Andras Marni Mortensen