2112.11 - Basic Course in Theory of Science

Course number
Basic Course in Theory of Science
The aim of the course is to equip the students with a general knowledge of theories of science with a special view to theories of relevance for research in history, cultural and social sciences. The students shall • be aquainted with theories of science and questions/problems relevant to scientific discussion of history and society • be aquainted with contents, methods and evelution of history and social sciences • obtain an understanding of the methods of cognate disciplines The course is also open for others than students with a general interest in theories of science.
During the course the students will be given a broad knowledge of therories of science, the history of historical research and social sciences, and will obtain the ability to evaluate various theories and to judge in what way theoretical approaches have influenced and still influence various fields of research.
Learning and teaching approaches
The course consists of 30 hours. The instruction conprises lectures, individual presentations and discussion. The course is divided into two sections. One dealing with various theories of science, the other more concentrated on theories relevant for history and social sciences.
Assessment method
Written paper on subject of own choice to be completet in the course of 14 days. Internal auditor, evaluation pass/fail. In the presence of teacher and auditor, the student will choose a question and will be given 30 minutes for preparation. In the room of preparation the students may bring with them the readings, hand-outs and their own notes. The examination will be a dialogue/discussion on the examination question between an active student and the teacher, in which the auditor may join in, and will last about 20 minutes.
Hans Andrias Sølvará