2134.10 - Social Science Method and Project Writing

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Social Science Method and Project Writing
To provide the students an insight into methods of social science, including the ability to acquire their own experiences in using these tools in practice.
Through the course the students will: a) achieve a basic conceptual understanding of scientific methods and project writing, b) independently problematise, collect and analyse data, and c) learn how to write up a project. Through lectures the first broad insight into methodology will be given. Thereafter quantitative methods and project writing will be emphasised. This will be done by the students own group work within a given topic, which will be finalised with a written report (app. 8-10 pages per student). The student will by this course achieve a general insight into social science methods. Furthermore, they will learn how these methods are used in practice by developing problematics and questionaries, by collecting and analysing data, and to communicate them as well.
Learning and teaching approaches
Courses og group work.
Assessment method
Examination will be completed in groups, but the rating will be individual. The basis for the examination will be the singular groups project work, syllabus and the examination presentation. The examination is internal and judged according to the at the current marking scale.
Gestur Hovgaard