2136.11 - Politics and Public Administration

Course number
Politics and Public Administration
The student must have a university and college admissions certification.
To provide the students with an ability to use different analytical approaches when studying political systems and institutions. The student should also obtain some knowledge of various methodical approaches to the study of political processes. The course focuses specifically on Faroese politics and policy.
An introduction to theories, concepts and models of political systems, political institutions on state and local level, and on political decision making. The course follows the logic of Easton’s political system modell: • Input. Channels for political influence (elections; corporative influence; media; protest actions etc.) • Within-put. Organization of activities in the Parliament, the Ministries and public administration. • Output. Implementation of public policies. Welfare politics and policies. Ethics. Corruption. • Feed-back. Evaluating policy output.
Learning and teaching approaches
A total of 40 h lectures. The course also includes seminars and excursions, as well as meetings with politicians and officials at the Parliament, the Social Directorate, the Public Statistics, the National Television and the Labour Union.
Assessment method
Before the examination, students are required to have taken part in one group assignment, writing a paper (10 p) on a chosen subject. The paper must be presented and defended in the class. The examination is a 5 hour written exam. No support material will be available during the examination (neither internet, textbooks nor personal notes). Exam graded up to grade 13 by external examiners.
Marking scale
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