2139.12 - Social Theory

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Social Theory
Students are required to hold an upper secondary education diploma or equivalent qualification.
The purpose is to provide students with an insight into classical and contemporary theories about society. The course will focus on the social theory approaches to important aspects of society, such as economy, politics, power, religion and the environment in, as well as in light of the history of social theory. The purpose is to enable students to: • provide an overview of and communicate social theory • read, discuss and communicate selected texts on theory • place sociological concepts in a broader theoretical context, including discussing problems and topics across the usual boundaries of disciplines.
The subject is described using literature reviews as well as selected original texts – both classical and contemporary. The subject is divided into topics, which are described theoretically and in light of the historical changes in theory. These topics may include: 1) history, 2) economy, 3) power, 4) environment, 5) religion. The lecturer will decide the final list of topics.
Learning and teaching approaches
The duration of the course is ten three-hour sessions. Two course sessions are spent on each topic. The learning and teaching strategy combines lectures and active student participation.
Assessment method
Individual written assignment describing and analysing a chosen topic. The required length of the assignment is around 3000 words (maximum 5000 words) – not including the bibliography or footnotes. External examination assessed to the marking scale in force.
Marking scale
Gestur Hovgaard