2360.10 - Cultural Science

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Cultural Science
Based on readings in textbooks of anthropology and ethnology, this course will provide students with basic knowledge of theories of cultural studies, and students will be familiarized with practical application of cultural studies research, methodically and theoretically. Selected topics in national and international cultures will be discussed in order to prepare students for a deeper further research. The course aims to provide students with • knowledge of basic concepts and methods in cultural studies • knowledge of methods in cultural studies • an understanding of the wide range of anthropological methods
Students will develop a basic knowledge of concepts and methods applied in cultural studies. Some principal works and prevailing trends will be gone through, and current everyday topics will be analyzed by an anthropological/ethnological approach.
Learning and teaching approaches
The course comprises of 20 double lessons - 10 consisting of lectures, discussions and class presentations, and 10 consisting of tutoring and guidance.
Assessment method
A fortnight given to write an assignment on a topic of own choice, approved by the tutor. The examination is internal and judged according to the at the current marking scale.
Bjørg Jacobsen