2808.11 - Basic Course in Political Science (Political Science and Faroese Politics).

Course number
Basic Course in Political Science (Political Science and Faroese Politics).
To provide the student with basic insights into Faroese politics and into subjects and theories of importance to the discipline.
Theories on the state, power, political parties and politic systems and institutions, in addition to political ideologies. Concepts from the theories are introduced alongside a historical overview of the development of Faroese political institutions and parties and how political culture and interest groups have affected the processes and transitions.
Learning and teaching approaches
The course is 30 hours, based on lectures, discussions and training.
Assessment method
Oral exam ½ hour, with an additional half hour for preparation. The student is allowed to bring course literature and other course materials to the room available for the preparation. The written exam question is centred on a specific subject from the syllabus, but the examination is expected to put the subject into perspective by integrating other themes from the syllabus. The examination is internal and judged according to the current marking scale.
Jógvan Mørkøre