2817.10 - Basic Course in Law H15

Course number
Basic Course in Law H15
The course is for people who are not legal experts. By going through examples from laws, notices, judgements and others the students will gain an understanding of legal practices. The training consists of the students themselves looking for laws in books, computers and at institutions.
The course is organised in two main parts. In the general part the students learn how legal experts organise, find, interpret, compare, make and test laws. In the special part the students get an insight into constitutional law, administrative law and international law, as well as different other subjects.
Learning and teaching approaches
The course consists of 45 lessons, and is taught by legal experts. The teaching will be conducted as lectures, student presentations, exercises and discussion.
Assessment method
The exam is a four-hour written exam at the end of the course. The students should write two assignments, which they get the opportunity to present. The better of the two counts 1/3 of the examination mark and the examination 2/3. The examination is internal and judged according to the at the current marking scale.
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