6123.23 - Gender and Migration

Course number
Gender and Migration
Introductory level in Social Science (2 years) or equivalent qualifications
The objective of the course is to introduce students to the field of Gender and Migration. The course takes an interdisciplinary approach to both gender theories and migration theories in order to provide students with analytical tools for understanding and anlyzing how social structures impact on gender and migration.
• Gender theories and social constructions of gender roles according to place and space. • Impact of migration on gender, work and moblity between Global North and South • Theories and different concepts on migration and the dymanics of migration /who migrates and why? • Gender relations and inequalities across bordersThe role of transnational activism and networks in addressing gender based oppression • Feminism and post colonial feminism theories in order to understand power, inequality and marginalisation • Theories on masculinity and change in masculinity – The Faroe Islands will be used as case study • Migration and migration politics in the Faroe Islands
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, presentations, group work and discussion.
Learning outcomes
After completed course, students must demonstrate that they are able to: • Explain and discuss different migration theories and the reasons for migration. • Explain how social structures have an different impact on individuals according to where they come from • Engage in critical discussion using feminist theories and post colonial feminist theories • Explain and discuss different migration theories and different reasons to why migration takes place • Analyse gender and migration by using an interdisciplinary approach
Assessment method
Written assignment approx. 4500 words
Marking scale
Bibliography (approx. 1000 pages) will be distributed at course start
Runa Preeti Ísfeld