2110.16 - Basic Cource in Theory of Science

Course number
Basic Cource in Theory of Science
Secondary education or equivalent qualifications.
The objective of the module is to give the student basic knowledge of philosophy of science and methodology.
Basic philosophy of science with an emphasis on distinguishing between between different schools of thought on science (positivism, phenomenology, structuralism, critical realism, social constructivism, pragmatism). Insight into the most common qualitative and quantitative methodologies (including descriptive statistics), and what connection these have to the different schools of thought within philosophy of science. Additionally the students will be given an introduction to study skills and academic craftsmanship.
Learning and teaching approaches
The lessons are organised as lectures, dialogues, groupwork, exercises, and visits to the library.
Learning outcomes
Upon module completion the student will: • Be able to explain the main positions of the schools of thought in philosophy of science that he/she has been taught on the module. • Be able to explain which qualitative and quantitative methodologies there are in the social sciences and history. • Be able to explain and reflect on the connection between philosophy of science and methodology. • Be able to independently structure their own studies and master basic academic craftsmanship.
Assessment method
Written exam (5 hours) in philosophy of science, and a written assignement in methodology.
Marking scale
Aproximately 600-800 pages