2139.16 - Social Theory

Course number
Social Theory
Completed minimum 40 ECTS of the 1. Year Bachelor, including Introduction to political science, and Sociology and culture.
The purpose is to provide students with a thorough understanding of classical and contemporary theories about society.
The subject is described using introductory literature, as well as selected original texts – both classical and contemporary. The subject is divided into topics, which are described theoretically and in light of the historical context in which the theory was developed.
Learning and teaching approaches
The duration of the course is 15 x 2 hours. The learning and teaching strategy combines lectures, and active student participation (student presentations and group work).
Learning outcomes
Successful students can demonstrate ability to: Have a thorough knowledge of classical and modern social theory Be able to read and understand selected canonical texts in social science Be able to elcidate the social scientific approaches and concepts they have learned during the course. Be able to use selected social theory and concepts and apply i tin a independent analyis of a societal theme.
Assessment method
Oral examination based on a written paper and the course bibliography as a whole. The written paper must not exceed 3.500 words – excluding bibliography and footnotes.
Aproximately 1.000 pages.
Jens Christian Svabo Justinussen