2362.17 - Sociology and Anthropology

Course number
Sociology and Anthropology
The students must have completed an Upper Secondary education or possess equivalent qualifications.
The objective is to give the students a basic understanding of sociology and anthropology as scientific disciplines with emphasis on concepts, theories and methods. The students will learn to use concepts and theories to examine and analyse topics in social science from a sociological and anthropological perspective.
The module covers classical and modern theories in sociology and anthropology viewed in a historical and contemporary perspective. The theories are connected to key topics in sociology and anthropology, for example communities and classes, gender and identity, faith and culture, economy and consumption, and family. The course draws connections between cases from Faroese society and cases from other societies.
Learning and teaching approaches
The course is comprised of 11 sessions and amounts to about 35-40 hours in total. The lessons are organised as lectures, presentations, discussions, and exercises. The students also submitt shoter written assignments.
Learning outcomes
The students must demonstrate that they: • Understand basic concepts of sociology and anthropology. • Master the main themes of the theories taught on the course. • Are able to use knowledge from the scientific disciplines of sociology and anthropology in their social science work and research. • Are cognisant of sociological and anthropological methods.
Assessment method
4-hour written exam. To qualify for the exam, the students have to submitt two written assignemnts during the course.
Marking scale
Aproximately 1.000 pages.
Firouz Gaini