2369.19 - Paper (project) II

Course number
Paper (project) II
Upper secondary education or equivalent. Passed Paper I or equivalent.
The purpose of the course is to teach students to write a interdiciplinary research paper.
The students independently complete a problem-oriented research project, where they use concepts/models/theories from at least two subject areas, which they have learned (e.g. Political Science, History, Economics, or Sociology), collect empirical material, analyse it and come to a conclusion. The students are taught what interdiciplinary research is, and how it can be applied to produce a problem-oriented research paper. Additionally the students are introduced to mixed method approach, and how differnt methods can be combinded and support each other in research and other investigations. In conection with the project the students shall demarcate an interdiciplinary problem area (research topic), formulate a research question, independently collect empirical data material, complete an analysis and present the results in an academic paper according to academic traditions. The paper is written individually, or in a group.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, seminars and student presentations. The students work independently on a propblemoriented research project - individually, or in a group. Supervision is approximately 3x1 hours for each group.
Learning outcomes
Having completed the course, the students shall: • Know what interdiciplinary science is, and understand how this approach can be used to produce a problemoriented research project. • Be able to demarcate an interdiciplinary problem area (research topic), and formulate a research question • Be able to independently collect empirical material, and complete an interdiciplinary research project. • Be capable to present the results of their research in an accademic paper, according to academic tradtions. Demonstrate capability for independent accademic work.
Assessment method
Oral exam based on written paper. The students are required to submit and pass one homework assignment (1.800-2.250 words) to qualify for the exam.
Marking scale
Bibliography of approximately 400-500 pages, plus the litterature and other empirical material students use in their paper.
Súsanna Olsen