2824.17 - Method I

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Method I
Secondary education or equivalent qualifications.
The purpose of the course is to give the student an overview of, and insight into, the most commonly used quantitative methods, hereunder descriptive and inferential statistics, in social sciences. The course also aims to develop the student’s comptence to use of these methods in a quantitative analysis.
Collection and organisation of data. Specifically, how to gather quantitative data, and how these data can be organised and presented so that the most informational value can be achieved in the clearest and most economical way. The students are thaught the most commonly used statistical tools used within quantitative methods (descriptive statistics, statistical inference, exersices in hypothes testing, comparison of groups, correlation and regression).
Learning and teaching approaches
The course consists of lectures and in-class exersices, in total 60 hours. It is emphasised that the student read and study the material material before each class, attend all classes, and participate actively during all the exersices.
Learning outcomes
By the end of the course the student shall: • Understand basic statistical concepts and be able to explain how these can be applied in a quantitative analysis. • Be able to collect quantitative data in conection with a research question, and use relevant software to present these data in tables and graphs. • Be able to use the analytical tools they have learned to conduct a quantitative analysis in practice. • Have aquired the comptence to independently and critically to assess the quality of dataset, and be able to evaluate the pros and cons of quantitative methods.
Assessment method
Oral exam based on a written project (aproximately 5-6 pages), where the students use relevant analytical toos, which they have learned during the course, to analyse a research question (test a hopothesis), and critically evaluate their own results. To be able to take the exam, the student has to pass the written assignment, handed out during the course.
Marking scale
Aproximately 600 pages
Jens Christian Joensen