2016.12 - Modern Faroese History

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Modern Faroese History
To give the student basic knowledge of Faroese history from 1500 to the present with emphasis on the the political history, survey on basic research on the field, and basic qualifications to estimate the quality of selected historical literature and historical sources. The students will: • learn to see connections between phenonomena in modern Faroese political history. • be able to estimate selected works/views on modern Faroese political history. • be able to estimate some sources about limited subjects from Faroese political history. • learn to understand how modern Faroese history is connected to the surounding world. • be able to independently present and treat a certain subject in Faroese political history. The course is also designed for people who have general interest in Faroese history.
In this course students will acquire basic knowledge of Faroese political history from 1500 to the present and literature on the subject. Selected literature on the subject of modern Faroese history will be read and Faroese history will be seen in a greater Euvropean context.
Learning and teaching approaches
The course is about 30 hours. The teaching will be organized as lectures, presentations, trainings and discussions. The students will, at the beginning of the course, choose a subject which they prepare and give a presentation on to the rest of the class.
Assessment method
Oral examination - student will have half an hour to prepare for the examination. In the preparation room he/she will be allowed access to literature and material used during the course. The examination question is about a specific subject from the syllabus, but students will also be expected to apply to a wider context in the syllabus. The examination is internal and judged according to the at the current marking scale. Before the examination the student must have given the presentation (mentioned under teaching) on the rest of the class
Hans Andrias Sølvará