2137.14 - Problem Oriented Project Work

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Problem Oriented Project Work
Students are required to hold an upper secondary education diploma or equivalent qualification.
To give students a foundation in working on problem-oriented and interdisciplinary projects, thereby fostering independent social science learning.
Knowledge about knowledge production, problem-orientation, problem-oriented project work, designing projects and formal project requirements.
Learning and teaching approaches
The course content is reviewed in lectures, discussion and exercise. In addition, students are required to produce – individually or in groups – a problem-oriented project. For this project, students are required to independently identify relevant literature, which will be considered part of the required course reading.
Learning outcomes
Successful students can demonstrate ability to: • Explain problem-orientation, problem statements and project work. • Explain certain fundamentals of the nature of science and how it is produced. • Explain what a project is and which elements it usually contains. • Produce a problem-based project, i.e. a project containing a problem area, problem statement, data collection, literature review and conclusion(s), the project should also comply with all formal requirements.
Assessment method
Oral examination based on the submitted project and the course bibliography.
The distributed list of required course reading, which is also available at the Department of History and Social Sciences. In addition to any materials students use independently for their own project.
Gestur Hovgaard