2667.16 - Institution, Organisation and Social Change

Course number
Institution, Organisation and Social Change
Students must have completed Module 1 Social sciences, and Module 2 Social planning on the Bachelor Degree in Social Science and Planning, or have equivalent competence.
The purpose is for students to acquire a broader insight into and understanding of the importance of the social and planning sectors in contemporary society, with particular emphasis on society’s institutional and organizational foundations.
 Theory on institutions and social change and their relevance for understanding social welfare, welfare systems, as well as planning and decision-making approaches.  Theory on contemporary forms of organisation in the development of society’s planning and social sectors, with regards to the role of the public sector, but also the interplay between state, market and civil society.  Methodological challenges in researching institutions, organizations and social change.
Learning and teaching approaches
The course is based on the required course reading, which will be reviewed using presentations, discussion and exercises. Students will participate actively, for example by presenting their understanding of selected texts and, in general, by contributing to discussions.
Learning outcomes
The successful student can demonstrate the ability to:  Explain important aspects of social and planning sectors.  Discuss and critically explain the interplay between society’s social and planning sectors and their functions.  Discuss and critically explain how society’s social and planning sectors are organized, function and change.
Assessment method
Oral examination based on the required course reading.
Distributed bibliography, which is also available at the Department of History and Social Sciences.
Jens Chr. Svabo Justinussen