2808.14 - Basics in Political Science (Political Science and Faroese Politics)

Course number
Basics in Political Science (Political Science and Faroese Politics)
Students are required to hold an upper secondary education diploma or equivalent qualification.
The purpose of the course is to give students an insight into Faroese politics and the topics and theories emphasized in political science.
Theories on the state, power, political parties and systems, as well as ideologies used in a political science to describe political institutions and parties over the last century, and how these have changed as the circumstances have changed. How political culture and interest groups influence the political process will also be described in this context.
Learning and teaching approaches
The teaching consists of lectures and student presentations – approximately 15 two-hour sessions.
Learning outcomes
The student shall: • Be able to explain and desribe theories about the state, power, political parties, political systems and ideologies. • Be able to independently use the concepts and theories they have learned to analyse political and administrative topics.
Assessment method
Oral examination. Students will have half an hour to prepare and will be allowed to bring the course bibliography and other course materials into the preparation room. The examination question will be about a specific topic in the course bibliography, however, questions regarding other parts of the required course reading will also be asked for added perspective and contextualization.
Hallbera Fríða West