2360.14 - Cultural Science

Course number
Cultural Science
Students are required to hold an upper secondary education diploma or equivalent qualification.
Based on an introductory textbook in anthropology and ethnology, the course aims to familiarise students with fundamental theories in cultural science and allows them to gain an understanding of the practices, methods and theories applied by cultural scientists. The course will focus on selected topics in both local and global contexts, preparing students to acquire their own insights and understanding The course is also aimed at fee-paying students taking individual courses, with an interest in Cultural Science.
Students acquire knowledge of key concepts and research methods in anthropology and ethnology. Selected key literature and trends are revised and topical issues from daily life will also be discussed from the anthropological/ethnological perspective.
Learning and teaching approaches
The duration of the course is approximately 30 hours. Learning and teaching strategies include lectures, conversations, presentations with exercises and supervised written assignments. The total duration of the course is 30 teaching hours, 10 of which are allocated to exercises and presentations.
Learning outcomes
Successful students can demonstrate: • knowledge of key concepts in cultural science • ability to use cultural science methods • ability to carry out in-depth cultural science discussions • awareness of the whole range of cultural science methods
Assessment method
Two-week take-home written paper on a topic chosen by the student and approved by the lecturer.
Between 1000 and 1500 pages chosen by the lecturer. Students may, in consultation with the lecturer, exchange a minor part of the required readings for other readings.
Jóan Pauli Joensen