2020.14 - Early Faroese History

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Early Faroese History
Students are required to hold an upper secondary education diploma or equivalent qualification.
The purpose of the course is to provide students with a foundation in Faroese history predating 1500 AD and the conditions that shaped it, as well as an overview of significant research available in the area and core skills in assessing the quality of selected works and source materials. This course is also aimed at anyone with a general interest in older Nordic history with special focus on the Faroe Islands.
This course will provide students with a foundation in Faroese history before 1500 AD and how it intersects with the course of history in neighbouring countries, as well as literature on the subject.
Learning and teaching approaches
The duration of the course is approximately 30 hours. The learning and teaching approaches used are lectures, presentations, exercises and class discussion. Students are required to select a topic at the beginning of the course, which they then prepare a presentation on for the rest of the group.
Learning outcomes
Successful students can demonstrate ability to: • detect linkages between phenomena in Faroese history predating 1500 AD and the history of neighbouring countries • assess selected works/views in the field • assess source materials on limited topics in the field • independently present and discuss a specific topic in the field
Assessment method
Oral examination with 30 minutes of preparation time. Students are allowed to bring the course bibliography and other course materials into the preparation room. The examination question will be on a specific topic in the bibliography, however, follow-up questions for added perspective and context may also address other areas of the course bibliography.
Approximately 1000 pages, approximately 100 of these will be source materials.
Hans Andrias Sølvará