2140.13b - Basic Adminstrative Law

Course number
Basic Adminstrative Law
The students must have taken the Basic Course in Law or equivalent.
To give an insight into Faroese administrative law, especially the many sources of law, statutes, case law, practice from the parliamentary ombudsman, boards of appeal, in addition to legal theory. From examples of practical challenges in Faroese administration, the students are taught how administrative rules interact with the intentions and powers of the institutions and the rights and activities of the citizen. Emphasis will be on method and the ability to analyse the legal situation.
When it comes to practical administration there are heavy demands on administrators in public administration, be they qualified in law or of other education. There is a legal framework but within this framework the administrators are to arrange their work. Vis-à-vis the citizen, administration must be correct, both formally and substantively, relating to superiors both loyalty and advice on possibilities and consequences must be offered. Administration thus requires the necessity of specialisation in certain technical respects and the ability to apply administrative principles. The course shall therefore give the students knowledge and tools to analyse the different obligations and rules that pertain to administration. The students will be prepared to both make decisions and advise in public administration in a Faroese context.
Learning and teaching approaches
The teaching will be concurrent with the master course on Faroese Administrative Law (2412.12) with lectures by course teachers and guest lecturers. The course is held for the first time – 1 GLFL (2012).
Assessment method
Written home paper counts 1/3 of grade; the students get two opportunities to write; 4 hours written exam counts 2/3. The examination will be on university computers with access to course materials and certain web pages. The mark is given according to the valid scale, and there will be an external examiner.
Marking scale
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