2284.17b - Marketing

Course number
Upper secondary diploma or equivalent qualification.
To provide students with robust knowledge about marketing enabling them to understand, describe, examine, analyse and assess a company’s situation and meet its marketing challenges.
The course provides students with an introduction to issues relating to the marketing of goods, services, brands and businesses. The course aims to provide students with an in-depth understanding of how businesses market themselves. When examining theories and models we will emphasise the relationship between a company’s marketing approach and the market and value of customers.
Learning and teaching approaches
Classes will be used for short lectures, debates, assignments. Student presentations and submissions will run according to a schedule. Students are advised to take part in regular organised group work as part of their course preparations.
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete the course in Marketing as part of a BA/BSc diploma, can demonstrate ability to: • Describe the market environment and the impact it has on businesses and how this influences their marketing efforts. • Explain the buyer behaviour of different customers. • Segment based on different characteristics and choose a target group or target groups. • Assess which marketing strategy is best suited to the company. • Describe customer value and how businesses use this knowledge in marketing. • Assess competitive advantages and how companies can best harness these. • Draw up a marketing plan.
Assessment method
Oral examination based on a 20 pages long assignment, which is submitted before the examination. Requisites for examination registration: • at least one successful student presentation If the student fails to deliver a presentation, the student loses one examination attempt. The oral examination will last approximately 25 minutes.
Marking scale
The course reading list will be made available at the department
Jóannes Jacobsen