2361.17 - Archival Science

Course number
Archival Science
Students are required to hold an upper secondary education diploma or equivalent qualification
To familiarise students with archives and their importance for society, knowledge and research. Students should: • know the relevant legislation and principles underpinning the Faroese National Archives • acquire information about the materials archived at the Faroese National Archives/other archives • learn to retrieve archival records • receive an introduction to the theoretical foundations of archives • learn to read and utilise archival records The course is also aimed at others, who are interested in or need to familiarise themselves with archives, their role and how to utilise them to their fullest potential
Through an introduction to the legislative framework and the theoretical foundations of public archival activity, as well as practical exercises, the aim is for students to acquire basic knowledge about the role of archives in society, in addition to the ability to retrieve and utilise archival records.
Learning and teaching approaches
The duration of the course is approximately 30 hours. The learning and teaching strategies are lectures and exercises, including training in reading old script. During the course, students are required to complete a set number of assignments, which will be determined by the supervisor and completed under their supervision. It is required that two of these assignments must be completed, before the student can take the examination.
Learning outcomes
The successful student can demonstrate ability to: • understand the legislative framework on archives • explain the main tasks and activities of archives • assess the role archives play in different areas of society • retrieve, read and assess concrete archival records • utilise archival records to complete concrete history assignments
Assessment method
Open take-home assignment, which students will be given two weeks to write once classes have concluded. Students choose a topic in consultation with the lecturer, who will advice students up until the write-up weeks. The assignment must be between 10 and 15 pages long (2400 characters per page). The assignment must include documents dating from before 1875 and explain how they were retreived. The assignment should also set out the legal basis and/or administrative context of the documents used.
The required course reading amounts to approximately 500 pages, subject to the lecturer’s approval
Hans Andrias Sølvará