2368.17 - Paper (project) I

Course number
Paper (project) I
Secondary education or equivalent qualifications.
The purpose of the course is to teach the students to write an accademic research paper.
The students work independently and complete a problemoriented research project, where they use concepts/models/theories which they have learned, and independently collect empirical material, analyse it, and come to a conclusion. The students are thought what a research questions is, and how to produce a problemoriented research paper. The students learn to demarcate a problemarea (research topic) and formulate a research question, collect empirical data material, complete an analysis and how to present the results in an accademic paper according accademic traditions. The paper is written independently or in a group.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, seminars, and student presentations. The students work independedently on their project, either individually, or in a group. Supervision aproximately 3x1 hours pr. project.
Learning outcomes
Upon completed course, the students will be able to: • Demarcate a problemarea (research topic) • Formulate a research question • Complete a problemoriented research project • Present the results of their research in an accademic • paper, according the accademic traditions.
Assessment method
Oral exam based on written paper.
Given bibliograpy approximately 300 pages, and the readings and emirical material the students have independently have collected in conection with their paper.
Jens Christian Svabo Justinussen