3163.20 - Bachelor Project in Marine Engineering

Course number
Bachelor Project in Marine Engineering
To provide the student with the skill to carry out an independent research project of experimental, technical or theoretical nature, and to communicate the results both orally and in a written report (dissertation).
Independent investigation with guidance from a supervisor, on an approved topic within engineering. The results shall be written in a report including all necessary text, tables and figures, using an appropriate format (Departments front pages, half page abstract in Faroese and English for the general audience, Table of content, Introduction with appropriate literature review, Materials and method, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References and Appendices). The supervisors and student will come to an agreement on the language of the report.
Learning and teaching approaches
Project based self-study by one student or team work by two students. If done by two students a clear distinction must be made between the contributions from the participants. Discussion with and guidance from supervisors.
Learning outcomes
On completion of a bachelor dissertation, the successful student should be able to: - Work independently on a new topic under limited guidance - Plan, structure and carry out a substantial workload within a given time frame - Acquire relevant information and critically evaluate its proper usage - Apply knowledge and technical/scientific problem solving techniques - Convey scientific theory, technical information and results in writing, graphically and verbally - Structure their work and results in a coherent and systematic project report using an appropriate scientific language, arguments and format.
Assessment method
- Evaluation of the report. - Oral presentation including personal defense of the report.
Marking scale
Benadikt Joensen