3168.22 - Chemistry for Marine Engineers

Course number
Chemistry for Marine Engineers
A-level in mathematics, B-level in physics and C-level in chemistry from upper secondary school or a Marine Engineer certificate.
To introduce the principles of chemistry and the applications of chemistry in a modern society.
Atoms and the periodic system. The chemical bond and the structures of molecules and crystals. Gasses, liquids, and solids. Energy, entropy, and chemical reactions. Chemical equilibrium. Kinetics of reactions and catalysis. Redox reactions and electrochemistry. Freezing point lowering and osmosis. Acid-base equilibria. Introduction to organic chemistry and biochemistry.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures and problem solving.
Learning outcomes
Having passed the course, the successful student is able to: o Demonstrate understanding of the Periodic System and periodic variations in properties. o Describe the structure of atoms and molecules. o Demonstrate apprehension of the ideal gas law and define partial pressure. o Define and use enthalpy, entropy, and free energy. o Demonstrate comprehension of stoichiometry and be able to balance chemical reactions. o Describe and differentiate between various types of chemical bonds. o Describe the most important types of organic compounds. o Describe the most important types of biological compounds. o Calculate reaction orders and activation energies and explain catalysis. o Write the equilibrium constant and describe the content at chemical equilibrium. o Calculate pH in solutions of strong and weak acids and bases and puffers. o Calculate oxidation states and balance redox reactions.
Assessment method
Compulsory coursework must be handed in on time for evaluation and be graduated/accepted in order to be allowed to sit the examination. A four-hour written examination with multiple choice problems on the examination portal at DTU (Danish Technical University), or pen and paper if information technological problems arise. All auxiliary materials allowed, though restricted internet access. Any alterations to the course made by DTU will also apply to students at the University of the Faroe Islands. Earlier evaluated and accepted written coursework can be used in a re-examination.
Marking scale
Raymond Chang: General Chemistry. The Essential Concepts. 7th edition
Sigurd Christiansen