2509.18 - Problem Oriented Practical Case Work

Course number
Problem Oriented Practical Case Work
Enrolment on West Nordic Studies or equivalent
The purpose of the problem-oriented casework is for students to study an issue employing a problem-oriented approach and interdisciplinary working methods.
The purpose of the problem-oriented casework is to allow students to study a self-defined issue of relevance to the West Nordic and/or Arctic Region. This means that the issue for the problem-oriented casework relates to a governance or sustainability theme. The course content is divided into three parts: 1) Counselling sessions and project management, 2) Work participation/activity at a selected workplace of relevance to the project, and 3) Academic work in the writing of a project report. The student starts out by developing a project plan, which has to be approved by the course coordinator. The project plan should demonstrate activity that equals 137,5 working hours. The project plan (no more than 800 words) should include: Purpose/project identification, short description of idea, project activity, timeline, overall methodological strategy, and main literature.
Learning and teaching approaches
The course is a combination of counselling sessions, work place attendance, and academic report writing
Learning outcomes
• Identify and formulate a topical problem from a scientific/academic perspective • Construct the analysis of a relevant problematic by the help of relevant theoretical construction and concepts • To identify and discuss practical implications revealed by the work participation/activity • The ability to report scientific issues in a trustworthy and sufficient text
Assessment method
An accepted project plan and attendance to counselling sessions is a prerequisite for the final assessment. Final assessment is a written project report (2-2500 words).
Marking scale
200 pages
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