2480.17 - Master Learning Thesis

Course number
Master Learning Thesis
90 ECTS approved within the master learning framework.
The purpose of the thesis is that the student shows advanced reflexive competences in problem-oriented and interdisciplinary work methods in relation to an actual and academically relevant issue within his/her subject and individually chosen thematic.
Knowledge about:  Practical and relevant issues within key social issues.  The analysis of societal issues with the advanced use of academic methods and theories.  Advanced and focussed theoretical perspectives helpful in the understanding of societal issues.  The mastering and management of doing a problem oriented analysis.  The mastering of doing analysis in cooperation with relevant stakeholders.
Learning and teaching approaches
The Master Learning Thesis is conducted as either individual or as group work. The research topic and a research plan must be approved by the Director of study. The topic and the research plan must focus upon and reflect the student's scientific field and his/hers particular area of specialization. During the semester, supportive seminars for the thesis work will be arranged. In addition, students will be allocated a thesis supervisor.
Learning outcomes
 Identify and formulate actual problematics in a scientific perspective and on this basis critically and independently analyze relevant issues.  Expel excellent abilities to problematize and describe complex situations.  Construct an advanced analysis of an actual lack of knowledge problematic by the help of relevant theoretical constructs and concepts.  Carry out an advanced and consistent academic analysis of a relevant question, theoretically, methodologically and technically.  Convincingly identify and discuss practical and theoretical implications of the analysis.  Convincingly discuss scientific and actual issues with involved stakeholders.  The ability to report complex scientific and actual issues in a trustworthy and sufficient text and/or other media.
Assessment method
Oral examination based on written thesis. Length of the thesis is: • For one student: Max. 31,500 words • For two students: Max. 40,500 words • For three students: Max. 50,000 words
Marking scale
The bibliography is individual. Students provide literature relevant for his/her Master Learning thesis.
Gestur Hovgaard