1419.15 - The 1950-ies as literary period (MA)

Course number
The 1950-ies as literary period (MA)
BA in Faroese or the equivalent preconditions. It is also possible to complete the course as a separate course (see valid curriculum).
The student should acquire detailed knowledge of general theoretical and historic problems concerning literary period as concept. Additionally the student should gain comprehensive insight into the social and literary situation of the 1950-ies.
General and specialised theoretical and historic problems concerning literary period, especially the 1950-ies, will be discussed. A selection of literary texts will be studied and placed in a context of literary history.
Learning and teaching approaches
Presentations by instructor and students of course materialLærara; critical discussion of relevant topics by choice of instructor and students; writen exercises and peer reviewing.
Learning outcomes
Solid knowledge and insight into theory of literary period as concept. Survey as well as profound knowledge of literature in the 1950-ies and the literary situation of the period. Competance of analysing the studied period theoretically and historically. Competance of mediating the gained insight.
Assessment method
Written assessment for 6 hours with aids (notes and course material).
3 scholarly works, including: Ballegaard Petersen, Annelise. 2003. “Periode”. Om litteratur: 230-247 Benjamin, Walter. 2005. “Litteraturhistorie – litteraturvidenskab.” Litteraturhistoriografi. Aarhus Universitetsforlag: 41-72. Hoydal, Gunnar. 1984. “Yrkjarar í fimti- og sekstiárunum. Skúlablaðið. Serblað, mars: 2-15. Moretti, Franco. 2005. “Om litterær evolution”. Litteraturhistoriografi. Aarhus Universitetsforlag: 103-132. Perkins, David. 2005. “Litteraturhistorie – en aktuel diskussion.” Litteraturhistoriografi. Aarhus Universitetsforlag: 41-72. An additional selection of theoretical and analytic articles; texts of literary history. Literary works, among others: Maria Skylv Hansen. 1950. Gamlar gøtur I Hans Marius Ejdesgaard. 1962. Ein stjørna er tendrað Ólavur Michelsen. 1953. Lovorð Tummas N. Djurhuus. 1958. Og dansurin gongur
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