1884.11 - Lyric poetry 1980-2010

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Lyric poetry 1980-2010
On the course students will develop their capacity to work independently with theories and contemporary poetry. We will examine how poetry tackles literary canons, the relation between poetry and poetics, as well as the interplay with other art forms, namely music and visual arts. Students will be introduced to poetry from this period and acquire the skills needed to discuss them and convey knowledge about them in a broad context.
We will read a selection of theories and poetry from 1980 to 2010 by such authors as: Rói Patursson, Guðrið Helmsdal, Ebba Hentze, Heðin M. Klein, Steinbjørn B. Jacobsen, Astrid Joensen, Gunnar Hoydal, Alexandur Kristiansen, Aleks B. Niclasen, Malan Poulsen, Tóroddur Poulsen, Jóanes Nielsen, Oddfríður M. Rasmussen, Carl Jóhan Jensen and Sigri Gaiini. The selection will be compared with poetry elsewhere.
Learning and teaching approaches
On the course lectures will alternate with student presentations.
Assessment method
Open or set take-home assignment.
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