1402.12 - The Ballads of Sigurd the Dragon Slayer (MA)

Course number
The Ballads of Sigurd the Dragon Slayer (MA)
Students are required to have completed a BA in Faroese
The purpose of the course is to provide students with insight into the Faroese ballads of Sigurd the Dragonslayer, as well as an overview of other Nordic and German literature about Sigurd.
The ballads of Sigurd the Dragonslayer as a literary genre and cultural construction in the Faroes. Nordic ballads and stories in prose about Sigurd the Dragonslayer.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures and student presentations.
Learning outcomes
Students will acquire in-depth knowledge about the Faroese ballads of Sigurd the Dragonslayer and an overview of other Germanic literature about Sigurd emphasising the Nordic language variations. Students will also acquire broad and in-depth knowledge about Faroese and Nordic saga and ballad compositions and learn to assess how this literature varies across different cultural contexts.
Assessment method
Take-home assignment on a topic chosen by the student.
Provisional reading list: Peter Hvilshøj Andersen: Die Nibelungen zogen nach Dänemark: eine Neuinterpretation der Erzhälung Von Hven zwischen Seeland un Schonen. Frankfurt, M: Berlin: Bern: Bruxelles: New York: Oxford: Wien: Lang, 2007, 442 pp. Anne Holtsmark: Sigurd diktning. KLNM Bengt R. Jonsson: Bråvalla och Lena. Kring balladen SMB 56. In SUMLEN 1989 (Chap 1 to 6) and SUMLEN 1990-1991. Stockholm. H.C. Lyngbye: Færøiske Quæder om Sigurd Fovnersbane og hans Æt. Randers 1822. Elisabeth Vestergaard: Volsunge-Nibelungen traditionen. Antropologiske studier i en episk traditions transformationer i forhold til dens sociale kontekst. 1992. Primary texts: The Ballads of Sigurd the Dragon Slayer according to diplomataric publications: J. H. Schrøters optegnelser af Sjúrðar kvæði (Chr. Matras) Sandoyarbók by Jóannes í Króki. Selected texts and excerpts from: Das Nibelungen Lied Eddic Poetry The Saga of the Völsungs Tíðriks søga The Chronicle of Hven
Eyðun Andreasen