1889.12 - The Works of Edith Södergran - poetic and gender innovation

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The Works of Edith Södergran - poetic and gender innovation
The purpose of the course is to describe and discuss how the author simultaneously changed romantic and symbolic poetical treatment and placed the female artist in the focus.
Edith Södergren (1892 – 1923) was the pioneering poet of Nordic modernism. She published four collections of poems between 1916 and 1922 – in 1925 her friend Hagar Olsson also published another collection of her poems. The course bibliography will include Edith Södergren’s works, as well as literary treatises and interpretations by authors such as Ebba Witt-Brattström. Furthermore, the course will emphasise theories on the role of the reader in reading poetry (reader-response theory).
Learning and teaching approaches
Duration: Three hours a week for seven weeks. Teaching: The teaching and learning approaches will include lectures, student presentations and active course participation will count towards the final mark awarded.
Assessment method
Written four-hour examination, which will take place immediately after the last course session.
Malan Marnersdóttir