1420.15 - Syntax (MA)

Course number
Syntax (MA)
Students must have completed the Bachelor Degree Programme in Faroese or corresponding prerequisites.
To provide basic insight into syntax as a branch of science and into important concepts, phenomena and modern theories in syntax in order to put the student in a position to use this knowledge in syntactic analysis and to be able to judge and compare structural descriptions of sentences and phrases .
The content is divided into one theoretical part that in general deals with and describes syntax as a linguistic branch of science and insight will be provided into syntactic theories. Based on this special focus will be put on Faroese syntax described on the basis of articles and thesis that from different angles deals with syntactic issues in Faroese. Comparisons will also be made with other Scandinavian languages.
Learning and teaching approaches
3 hours weekly in one semester with lectures and student-presentations.
Learning outcomes
The participants shall have obtained basic knowledge in syntax and shall: • be able to get straight what characterizes syntax compared with related branches like semantics and morphology • be able to analyse and describe different syntactic structure in Faroese • know and be able to use concepts and terms in syntax critically • based on theoretical concepts be able to judge and describe syntactic differences in Faroese and between Faroese and related languages
Assessment method
Six-hour written examination.
Beatrice Santorini & Anthony Kroch. 2007. The syntax of natural language: An online introduction using the Trees program. (http://www.ling.upenn.edu/~beatrice/syntax-textbook) Christer Platzack. 2010. Den fantastiska grammatiken. En minimalistisk beskrivning av svenskan. Höskuldur Thráinsson, Hjalmar P. Petersen, Jógvan í Lon Jacobsen & Zakaris Svabo Hansen. 2012. Faroese. An overview and reference grammar. Tor A. Åfarli & Laila Sakshaug. 2006. Grammatikk: Syntaks og morfologi med norsk i sentrum (pp. 1-175). Andrew Radford. 2007. Syntax. A minimalist introduction. In addition a broad selection of articles and thesis about Faroese syntax. Will be distributed during the course.
Zakaris Svabo Hansen