2411.09 - Faroese Collective Labour Law - Master Level in Law

Course number
Faroese Collective Labour Law - Master Level in Law
To give an insight into Faroese collective labour law, especially the many sources of law on a labour market characterised by many entities with law-creating functions, including organisations, courts, international developments in addition to legislation and administration that make up a varied and dynamic situation. Emphasis will be on method and the ability to analyse the legal situation.
The most important sources will be collective labour agreements between employer and employee organisations, some statutes and various legal principles in addition to cases that interpret and apply collective labour provisions in the Faroese labour market. Furthermore, neighbouring jurisdictions will be looked at for comparative purposes. Much of the material can be seen on www.lnd.fo www.industry.fo and www.fg.fo. n.
Learning and teaching approaches
The teaching is organised as lectures by the course teacher and gust lecturers – likely judges and academics from neighbouring countries and from the Faroes. In addition, students will give presentations.
Assessment method
Written submission counts 1/3 of grade, oral exam 2/3. External exam auditor.
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