2430.15 - Dissertation for MA in Law

Course number
Dissertation for MA in Law
Registered on master of law
The student shall according to instructions supervised independent research and communicate the results in writing in accordance with recognised methods. The dissertation shall demonstrate that the student on the master program has obtained a broad legal understanding, insight into relevant methods and has the ability to add to the legal literature.
The master’s thesis is a research work on a defined problem and should demonstrate the student’s scientific ability and methodological skills, as well as skills in concise and eloquent writing with satisfying use of sources and citations. The thesis shall be at most 60 pages long in addition to summaries and any appendices with not readily available sources. The thesis shall be written in Faroese, Scandinavian or English language with summaries in English language.
Learning and teaching approaches
Supervising teacher guides the students to opportunities and methods.
Learning outcomes
The students must demonstrate: -Understanding the challenges in relevant area. -Ability og find, gather and organise sources. -Ability to organise a larger scholarly work. -Understanding of the challenges in interpreting law. -Understanding to analyse legal materials. -Understanding of differing and relevant theories. -Skills to debate, communicate, organise knowledge of law. -Skills to write scholarly to describe and analyse the legal status of dogmatic subjects. -Skills to work with and create article intended for scholarly publications.
Assessment method
External examination The dissertation shall be evaluated jointly by the supervisor and an external examiner
Marking scale
Bárður Larsen