2461.20 - Church law

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Church law
The course is intended for students of law that possess bachelor’s degrees. Others with relevant bachelor’s degrees or equivalent level of education and experience can participate.
The course is intended to give students knowledge and consciousness of Faroese church organization and official duties.
The main subjects that will be explored are these: • The National Church as a community of faith: doctrinal basis and teachings, authorization and episcopal supervision, freedom of religion and conscience. • Membership: Rights and duties. • Organisation: Parish and parochial district, deanery, bishopric, cooperation. • Governance: congregational board, deanery, diocesan authorities, parliament and government, administrative act. • Finance: Church funds, church taxes, the church trust, government subsidies, budgeting and consultation. • Office: Pastor, dean, bishop, hiring process. • Employees and volunteers. • Buildings: Building and decorating, operation, use, preservation authorities. • Other laws, for example the act on public servants, the act on names, the act on marriage, the act on holidays. • Voluntary organisations. • Other religious communities.
Learning and teaching approaches
The course will will take the form of lectures and discussions. There will also be opportunities for group work and student presentations.
Learning outcomes
On completion of the course, students can demonstrate ability to: • Explain the National Church system that exists in the Faroe Islands today with its historical and political preconditions. • Describe the regulatory framework with regard to pastor’s occupation, official duties, and administration.
Assessment method
External examiners (with teachers) Oral exam approx. 20 min. Preparing for the oral exam the student will have half an hour and will be allowed to bring all the course material and other materials from the classes. The exam question will be on particular topics raised in the syllabus. 7-point scale – 12,10,7,4,02,00,-3 (A,B,C,D,E,F,Fx).
Marking scale
The students will get a list of readings. Course materials consist of applicable laws, regulations, commentary on the laws and extracts from suitable works on church law. This material will be available on Moodle prior to the start of the course.
Jákup Reinert Hansen