2412.10 - Faroese Administrative Law - Master Level in Law

Course number
Faroese Administrative Law - Master Level in Law
To give an insight into Faroese administrative law, especially the many sources of law, laws from the parlament, caselaw, decisions from the parliamentary ombudsman, boards of appeal and other institutions. The students will be taught in subjects that arise at the interface between thematic, technological and administrative issues, based on examples of practical challenges for the Faroese administration. Emphasis will be on method and the ability to analyse the legal situation.
When it comes to practical administration there are heavy demands on administrators in the public administration, be they learned in law or of other education. There is a legal framework, but within this framework the administrators are to arrange their work and advise the senior management about possibilities and consequences. This is a demanding and exciting task, which also requires that administrators call attention to it, when illegal steps are about to be taken. Mostly it is necessary to possess specialized knowledge in certain administrative or technical areas, as well as it is necessary to able to apply general administrative rules. The course will therefore give the students knowledge and tools to analyze the different obligations and rules that apply to the administration. The students will be prepared for the advising part of public administration.
Learning and teaching approaches
54 lessons. The teaching is organised as lectures by the course teacher and guest lecturers. Students will also give presentations.
Assessment method
Written submission counts 1/3 of grade, 6 hours written exam counts 2/3. The mark is given according to the 13-scale, and there will be an external examiner.
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