2413.10 - Human Rights and Criminal Law in The Faroe Islands - Master Level in Law

Course number
Human Rights and Criminal Law in The Faroe Islands - Master Level in Law
To give insight into the importance and the effect of human rights on penal law – especially the European Convention on Human Rights. The students are to gain knowledge of penal law and human rights to such a degree, that they are able to identify and analyse situations, where these two sets of rules apply and must be veighed against each other.
The course will go through general and specific issues at the interface between penal law and human rights. The lectures will cover main rules such as § 1 of the danish-faroese penal code and article 7 of the European Convention on Human Rights regarding the ban on retrospective criminalisation. Furthermore the course will cover the style of interpretation and case law from Scandinavian courts and the European Court of Human Rights. Subjects such as freedom of expression and freedom of thought, conscience and religion in relation to penal law are also important in the course. The course is highly relevant at present as the Faroese authorities are planning to take charge of jurisdiction of penal law from the Danish authorities.
Learning and teaching approaches
54 lessons. The teaching will be conducted by both teachers and guestlecturers – the intention is to have judges and scholars from the Faroe Islands and neighbouring countries as guestlecturers. There will also be student presentations.
Assessment method
The mark is based on 1/3 from the written results and 2/3 from an oral examination. The mark is given according to the 13-scale, and there will be an external examiner.
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