2422.15 - Dissertation Writing in Law

Course number
Dissertation Writing in Law
Registered on master of law
To prepare the students for dissertation writing on master level in law. The students shall be guided towards undertaking dissertation writing well-informed of the relevant formal and technical requirements. The students shall be made aware of the substantive goals of dissertation writing, concerning formulating hypothesis, describing method, organising, citations in text and in notes, sources, and arguing rhetorically, logically and pragmatically, in addition to reasonably considering all relevant kinds of sources and properly choosing, limiting and describing them, as well as arriving at satisfactory conclusions.
The students shall prior to the course have chosen a subject to write about (although it is not necessary to actually write their dissertation on said subject). The students shall then consider important theories and practical guidelines for legal writing in general with particular emphasis on dissertation writing. Based on the chosen subject, the necessary material must be gathered and organised in accordance with satisfactory methodology. The students shall finally write a description of the intended dissertation with hypothesis, method, plan, and source list.
Learning and teaching approaches
The teaching is organised with teacher presentations as well as student presentations, where the students shall describe their plans and methods. Then the students must through self-study and according to guidance find and gather materials and develop the project.
Learning outcomes
The students shall: -Formulate a dissertation hypothesis. -Describe method. -Demonstrate ability og find, gather and organise sources. -Demonstrate ability to organise a dissertation.
Assessment method
Internal examination The students submit written proposal for dissertation.
Marking scale
Bárður Larsen