2425.15 - SACS – Summer Academy on the Continental Shelf

Course number
SACS – Summer Academy on the Continental Shelf
Bachelor degree or equivalent with adequate component of law in general or knowledge of continental shelf regimes.
To provide participants with scientific and legal knowledge relating to the regime of the continental shelf, in particular the area beyond 200 nautical miles. The main focus will be on understanding Articles 76 and 83 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and Annex II thereto, in particular as regards the intricate interplay between the law and science governing the entitlement to and establishment of the continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles, as well as the establishment of limits between neighbouring coastal States.
Participants are expected to read a series of academic articles for subsequent discussion with the lecturers. A number of key international rulings on continental shelf delimitation disputes will be reviewed, and the course will also focus on the legal and scientific basis and procedure for establishing outer limits of the continental shelf, and the task of the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf.
Learning and teaching approaches
The duration of the course is 35 hours and the approaches will alternate between lectures, discussions and case studies. The course is intervened by Faroese and international lecturers.
Learning outcomes
The participants shall: - Describe international law with respect to continental shelf entitlements in general - Describe continental shelf entitlements with specific emphasis on the difference between the areas within and beyond 200 nautical miles - Demonstrate basic insight into the role and procedures of the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf - Show insight into the significance of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea in relation to the limits of the Continental Shelf - Be able to describe the procedures for establishing outer continental shelf limits. -Demonstrate the ability to analyse the measures of equity applied in delimitation cases when two or more countries have overlapping continental shelf entitlements - Be able to analyse the international development that can be seen or be expected to happen in relation to continental shelf limitation - Be able to demonstrate basic insight into the scientific aspects governing the delineation of the outer limits of the continental shelf.
Assessment method
2 hours written exam in English. The participants will be allowed access to the course material etc. from the course.
Marking scale
Approximately 600-700 pages of articles, case law and other material. The reading list will be available in due course on on the link to SACS on the University of the Faroe Islands website: http://setur.fo/sacs.
Bjørn Kunoy