2445.16 - Internship – Tutorial in Law

Course number
Internship – Tutorial in Law
Bachelor degree or equivalent with adequate component of law
To give the student practical experience from real legal work for the purpose of integrating theory and practice. As part of the study, the student should gain insight into the legal framework governing the organization. In addition, the student should also work with legal tasks, like publications of various kinds, which are directly relevant to courses that are otherwise taught in the program.
The course requires the student himself/herself to find an internship. As a general rule the place for internship will be in the Faroe Islands but it might also be possible to choose a place abroad, that has special relevance to courses that the student has followed on Master of Law at the Fróðskaparsetur. The program director in law will after consultation with relevant staff have to approve of the place for internship. The student will be required to spend at least 100 working hours at the relevant place of internship.
Learning and teaching approaches
Self-study with guidance when neccessary. The student must make a sufficiently satisfying work, to which director or a trained lawyer, who works with the student, gives his recommendation after completion of internship. The student must also write a minimum fifteen pages report, for the Fróðskaparseturs approval, on what the student has done in the placement period. The report shall be divided into two equal parts. One part includes a practical description of the internship, the tasks that were the most important, and how the daily work was organized. The second part is supposed to have more of an academic content, and in more detail illuminate one or several legal questions, choosen by the students in consultation with the office or workplace in question. The second part has to follow traditional requirements for academic assignments, and could for example consist of a theoretical treatment of a particular legal issue.
Learning outcomes
The students shall: - Demonstrate the ability to perform satisfying legal work in practice - Demonstrate insight into the importance of case-law and development of law in practice - Present and formulate knowledge and arguments correctly and succinctly in eloquent and correct written language.
Assessment method
Internal examination Approved/not approved
Marking scale
Bárður Larsen